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Tickets are $8.00 all shows, all ages, all days.

For daily showtimes, please call (509) 209-2383.

These times reflect Friday, March 27th through Thursday, April 2nd.

(93 MIN)
Fri/Sat: 8:10
Sunday: 5:10
Weds/Thurs: 6:45

Fri/Sat: 6:45
Sunday: 1:45
Weds/Thurs: 5:15

Fri/Sat: 8:30
Sunday: 6:00
Weds/Thurs: 7:00

Saturday: 4:50
Sunday: 3:15
Weds/Thurs: 3:20

Saturday: 4:30
Sunday: 2:00
Weds/Thurs: 3:00

Fri/Sat: 6:30
Sunday: 4:00
Weds/Thurs: 5:00

Monday, March 30th
Tickets: $10/$8 students
All proceeds go towards building a library in El Salvador!

Romero (at 4pm and 6:30pm)

A biopic based on the life of Oscar Romero, starring award-winning actor Raúl Julia [in English, 102 min.] (Directed by John Duigan, facilitated by Paulist Productions)

Monseñor: the Last Journey of Oscar Romero (at 4:15pm & 6:45pm)
A documentary featuring live footage of Archbishop Romero and the people he served [in Spanish with English subtitles, 97 min.]  (Directed by Ana Carrigan & Juliet Weber, facilitated by the Kellogg Institute, University of Notre Dame)

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The Hunting Ground
Sunday, April 19, 7-9 pm
The Hunting Ground arrives at an interesting moment in national campus sexual assault conversations.  This controversial documentary about rape on American college campuses opens with the stories many young women and some men recounting on camera how they were raped at their schools and then subsequently denied justice by those same schools whose implied goal is to protect their campuses’ reputation and that of their elite populations.   The Obama administration has made the issue a priority and has released guidelines on how campus rapes are to be treated.   Journalists and law professors have raised concerns about fairness for the accused.   Plan to stay for post-film discussions with panelists from diverse perspectives, a student representative from Gonzaga, Lutheran Family Services Northwest, the YWCA, EWU,  and Planned Parenthood.[film is 90 minutes] 

 Wednesday, April 22 at 7:00 pm
The planet is in crisis. The issue is deeper than we might think. The fundamental problem lies in the way we see the world. PLANETARY presents a stunning visual portrait of our Earth, taking us on a journey across continents: from the African Savannah to the Himalayas, and from the heart of Tokyo to the view of our fragile planet from space. Through intimate interviews with NASA astronauts, environmentalists and philosophers the film shows that the solution to transforming our civilisation lies in an understanding that all life is inseparably interconnected, and that we cannot transform our civilisation unless we change the way we see ourselves, the world, and the wider cosmos we are embedded within.

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